Saturday, November 8, 2008


The European Community Development and Intercultural Conference in Dublin 2008 presented a number of concerns in relation to funding for Community Development Activists.

The victory of Barack Obama in the presidental election was seen generally as a symbol of hope and was presented by one speaker as the begining of the end of neo-liberal politics.

In considering how the future of Community Development would take shape, a world cafe workshop supported the creation of and sharing of new ideas, I came away thinking of the notion of Active World Citizens and have been inspired by London citizens and about how important it is to become global in our thoughts and actions.

Let me know what inspires you and your ideas on community and global issues.


Leiny said...

Hi Margie, your new blog looks great. I researched the South London Citizens who stood over Doris Salcedo's art work Shibboleth in Tate Modern. It was very moving to see all those people coming together to "heal" the crack in society - while also commenting on the Tate's employment responsibilities!

P.S. Beginnings has two "n"s in the middle.

Margie said...

Thanks lein. I love your grammatical correctness and thank for being the first to comment on this blog. Love margie

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